Preserving Luxury for Generations

Even the finest timepieces require service and loving care. Our watchmakers are passionate about providing exceptional service, repair, and polishing so your luxury watch continues to look beautiful and mark time with precision. Based in London we service all of our watches in-house.

Our Process

Our watchmakers work on both vintage and modern watches. Every timepiece that passes through our hands goes through a comprehensive servicing process centred around care, skill, and attention to detail.


KP's watchmakers use high-quality, industry-standard tools to strip each timepiece down to its original components.

Inspection of Parts

Next, each component is carefully inspected by our experts. No detail is too small for KP's watchmakers. Any necessary parts are skillfully replaced to bring the timepiece back to specification.


Each component is hand-brushed and treated in an industrial watch movement cleaning machine.

Assembly and Lubrication

KP's Watchmakers employ precision oilers and premium lubricants to meticulously re-assemble all parts.


A skilled KP's polishing technician painstakingly hand-cleans and polishes the watch case and bracelet before a final ultrasonic clean.

Please note that, in order to preserve the case lines of the timepiece, certain
vintage models cannot be polished.

Water Resistance Testing

Modern watches are tested to ensure that they meet their water resistance rating.