Marking Each Moment with Timeless Luxury Watches

Every precious hour of your life is a part of your legacy. Make every moment special with a finely crafted and carefully inspected luxury watch that becomes a part of your unique story. Our inventory of elegant timepieces is held to the highest standards and will endure throughout the generations. We specialise in pocket friendly watch brands such as Omega watches and Rolex watches.

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Our Process

Our watchmakers are work on both vintage and modern watches. Every timepiece that passes through our hands goes through a comprehensive process centred around care, skill, and attention to detail. Our watchmakers are specialists in polishing stainless steel and gold watches to preserve delicate case lines. Our London service centre is where we inspect and serivce all of our wristwatches.

  • Selected with Care. Inspected with Precision.

    To ensure the highest quality, each of our vintage watches undergo intense scrutiny.

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  • Servicing, Repair, and Polishing

    Our experts devote time and attention to the proper service and preservation of every mechanical watch under our care.

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  • Shipping and Handling

    We take proper precautions to ensure that your luxury watch arrives in pristine condition.

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Luxury Watch Straps

We stock a range of luxury watch straps. From hand made straps that fit your vintage Omega Speedmaster to silicon straps for your Apple Watch, we have you covered. We stock hand made leather goods that gives your vintage watch that personal touch.

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