About Us

 Living in Luxury and Making Memories


We are a team of watchmakers and experts with a passion for high-end timepieces. We've long been fascinated by the careful precision, detail, and love that goes into the mechanics of each individual watch, and we love connecting collectors with sophisticated, quality pre-owned pieces that will become a part of their generational heritage. We're excited for you to become a part of the legacy of your watch and pass that legacy to the ones you love.



  • Treasure Hunters - Over a decade of experience has given us an eye for sourcing and procuring the finest pre-owned luxury watches for our inventory.
  • Client-Focused - Our joy comes from providing our customers with the best possible buying experience. We do this by offering the greatest selection of fine timepieces, providing buyers with intimate details about our inventory, and taking care of any needed watch services and repairs to keep each watch alive and ticking in the years ahead.
  • Transparent - One of the reasons we set out on this venture was because we noticed a lack of honest transparency in the industry. We've made it our mission to improve the quality of information passed on to buyers so they can make well-informed decisions about each piece. We want you to truly love and cherish your watch, so we select the best and never gloss over key details that could impact your decision and experience.
  • Always Here for You - Our desire is to create an unrivalled client experience, and that means always being available to answer your questions and provide stellar watch services.


Become a part of the legacy of timekeeping today!